Digi-Tech Q&A with Anna Rajdl

This Q&A series is all about shining a spotlight on people in the industry. The goal is to learn about them and share their insights with you. There are many talented people in various markets around the world, and hopefully this series will help you get to know them better.


Q: Who are you, where are you based and what type of jobs do you work?

👋My name is Anna. I'm a freelance Digital Capture Tech and Retoucher based out of Minneapolis, MN. I primarily work on Ad Campaigns, Signage and Online Editorial projects for major retailers based in Minneapolis. (Target / 3M / Best Buy / Etc..). I get most of my work directly from freelance production companies in town, but do have out of town shooters reach out directly when they are coming through on projects

Q: How did you become a Digital-Tech and how long have you done it?

I've been working as a Tech for over 15 years.I started my photo career as an unpaid intern working for a talented product and fashion photographer right out of college. After the internship ended he kept me on as an assistant and at times, would let me run the computers. I assisted for a very short time before it became clear to me that my preferred job on set was Digital Tech. I was lucky to have had two very good mentors who answered my questions and helped me come up to speed quickly. I personally believe that I wouldn't be where I am now if not for others helping me - so I make it a point to help out new Techs as much as possible!

Q: What do you like most about your work; what do you like least?

The thing I most enjoy about being on set is the collaboration that happens between all the team members. I enjoy seeing troubleshooting and problem solving happening in real time. I also love curating the environment on set through playlists. (find some of my favorites on Spotify: annarajdl) I take pride in trying to be one step ahead and enjoy learning about all the new software and equipment that can be used on a job. Watching You-Tube tutorials is a guilty pleasure!

Things I like least are when projects are managed with poor communication. I'm ok if the job doesn't have details -  just let me know! It's frustrating to be ghosted by producers!

Q: What do you feel is important to learn for anyone starting out or what do you wish you knew when starting?

I think that the most important thing to learn as a new Digi Tech is that it's ok to say you don't know something or that you've made a mistake. Own it. Honesty has saved my butt time and time again. We are humans after all.

I also think it's very important to understand that it is your job to know all the software and hardware. Know the quirks. Know how to troubleshoot fixes in real time. Be good at asking questions to those in the know. Make friends with more experienced Techs and (if they are willing) use them as resources.

Q: What’s one item in your kit you can recommend to everyone?

Anti-fatigue mats. I have one that travels with every capture station I run. Clients LOVE them.

Q: What piece of equipment would you like to never see on set again?

P65+ Backs (Though I will perpetually keep an old Intel based Mac in my kit just for them..) and Lacie HDDs.

Q: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

I'd love for there to be a better way for those without strong financial support to get into Teching. There is such a large financial burden to build up a kit worthy of set. This definitely keeps many qualified people from sliding into that position unfortunately.

Q: What was your best day on set?

There have been too many to narrow down to just one. All have been with amazing crews working on projects that have the perfect combination of good light, beautiful props and wonderful personalities! And good music.. ;)

Q: How do you explain what you do for work to family/strangers?

I like to tell people that I'm the person who is in charge of everything that touches a computer during a photoshoot. Or I just say I work in advertising. Keep it simple.

Anna Rajdl


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