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Digi-Tech Q&A with Miguel DeLeon

This Q&A series is all about shining a spotlight on people in the industry. The goal is to learn about them and share their insights with you. There are many talented people in various markets around the world, and hopefully this series will help you get to know them better.   Q: Who are you, where are you based and what type of jobs do you work? I am Miguel DeLeon, Owner and operator at LoTek Digital Inc. based in Los Angeles, CA As a Stills digital technician I am currently working on productions for entertainment key art, some fashion advertising, and some editorial work. Q: How did you become a Digital-Tech and how long have you done it? Maybe 2010 or so I started driving, packing, fixing digital equipment for Industrial Color in NYC. While I was there they operated in a way that facilitated learning in a way I haven’t encountered since. The full time techs were required to come into the office when they weren’t on set so I had a wealth of information available to me. After tra

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