Drop some weight!

I'm in a constant search for optimization and weight reduction in my kit. When I designed the Camera Holster, weight was obviously a concern. While it's already the lightest option out there serving this purpose, there's not much I could do to further reduce the weight of the holster itself, but what if there's still a way to drop some weight?

The Camera Holster attached to a Manfrotto mafer clamp

Previously, I've mentioned that I'm fond of these clamps made by Sunwayfoto (I've since found them sold by another brand: UURig R060 Super Clamp) and I've just been calling the "mini super clamp".
I've used these clamps for many things but I never really thought to mate this with the Camera Holster. But, recently during a conversation with Erik Hillard of Running Pixels it struck me that this clamp could be an option for the Camera Holster.

So, I went to work modifying the mount to work with the mini super clamp and made a prototype. It's was a very simple change and with just two screws (one 3/8-16 and one 1/4-20) it can be swapped out by anyone that already has a Camera Holster.


The weight reduction from switching to this mini super clamp is significant. The holster with a standard mafer weighs in ~758g/26.74oz. With the mini super clamp the total weight is ~396g/13.97oz. This is a nearly 48% reduction in weight. 

Obviously with the lighter weight comes a smaller overall package and yields a bit of space savings when storing and transporting. Not only is the new mount more compact but the mini super clamp is about 25% of the size of a standard mafer.

The mini super clamp is more than capable of holding the any camera out there and the jaws open from 14 to 43mm so it can still mount to your carts, stands and tripods. It's made of 6061 aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

The new mount is available for pre-order now
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