Your multi-tool isn't enough.

I'm quite certain a muli-tool like a Leatherman is in everyone's kit. They are certainly essential and save butts everyday but there's somethings they can't handle. Having a decent tool kit with you is important but we can't exactly drive the Snap-On truck to set and have all the tools you could ask for so having a compact solution is essential.

Last year I picked up this Precision screwdriver kit. You can find various forms of it under different brands but all essentially the same thing. The 62 bits cover a wide array from the standard Philips, slotted to more obscure like pentalobe (for use with Apple products) There's a few odd balls like a JIS, pozidriv and triangle and some nut drivers.

The bits are magnetically held into the organizer tray. Additionally, the tray has a push to lock mechanism to keep it in the housing for storage so it doesn't just slide out. It measures just 6.5" x 3.25" x 0.875" so it can easily fit in your kit. If you want to get fancy there's kits that offer powered drivers like this one.

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