Get a grip.


As we are all aware, the monitors we use on set aren't really designed for how we use them. The manufacturers plan for them to sit a desk their entire life. But we have a special use case for many things and have to make them fit our needs. 

While some monitors like Eizo offer little grab points they don't offer a very secure place to hold while taking a monitor out of a case and placing it on a cart or stand. The new Apple Studio Display is just slab with no place to hold on without rubbing your grubby hands on the screen. The LG UltraFine 5K is also lacking of any place to grab it.

Problem, meet solution.

Our new VESA handle is designed to make things a little easier. 

This 100mm VESA mounted handle helps you get a firm grip of your monitor when removing and placing it into a case. The curved design provides clearance for your fingers against the rear of the monitor. While some monitors offer an integrated grip area it's not a secure grip. This handle solves that problem and allows you to securely hold onto the monitor. The solid, one piece design can be sandwiched between a monitor and quick release or any standard 100mm VESA mount you might have. Whether it's a FilmTools VESA mount, Inovativ Pro Mount or the clone of it by ProAim.

Made of durable and lightweight of PA-12 Nylon. Load tested to 30lbs/13.6kg

Some monitors have recessed VESA mounting areas. The option to add a ~1/4"(6mm) black ABS spacer is available. Spacers for M4 screws can also be found here or here. Typically 1/4"(6mm) length is needed.

Screws are not included due to the multitude of monitors and mounting options that exist. M4 (0.7 pitch) screws are easily obtained here and here or a local hardware store once you determine the proper length needed for your application.

The VESA handle is a nice fit for the the Apple Studio Display also.

Image by BrooksDigi

Image by BrooksDigi
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