Finding Goldilocks


While building out a new cart I wanted a better and more compact option for mounting a 40″ ultrabounce floppy tent onto the cart. This lead me to poking around every grip catalog out there and considering modifying my existing Matthews C-stand Riser. The Inovativ Mast Riser just didn’t do it for me.

Then I found the Matthews Steady Rest. It’s longer then a 20″ C-stand riser and smaller than a 40″ riser. Just the Goldilocks size for mounting onto the Invoativ Voyager with the C-Stand Storage Clamps. The column diameter is 1.25" which the c-stand clamps were designed for.  The cherry on top is that at 28″ when collapsed it fits inside the collapsed cart. It extends to 70″ which is much more then you’d need.
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