Taming Medusa

Taming cable clutter is a never ending task. We've all collectively spent hours and hours wrapping, unwrapping and organizing our cables. 

One thing that’s made this task a bit more efficient for myself is that I’ve gone away from the ubiquitous Velcro cable ties and started using elastic cables ties.  While you can buy them in various lengths and colors I’ve been making my own. 

I like the idea of making them the perfect length as well as adding a bit of heat shrink tubing to ends to prevent frying of the woven sheathing on the elastic cord. In just 5 minutes you can can make several. The materials are affordable.

I will use different color heat shrink to help identify cables that look similar rather than make the whole cable tie another color.  You can get the elastic cord and cord locks in practically any color to fit you needs. The adjustable cord lock makes it more versatile than bongo ties.

After I've got my Area51 cables wrapped up, I stick them on the Cable Hook for INOVATIV™ Voyager & Apollo Carts or if I'm rocking a lightweight laptop setup the Cable Hook For Digiplate does the job.

Another little trick I've been using Is the Hanger 18 Cable Straps from Area51 screwed directly to the crossbars and threaded rail plates on my Voyager cart with a hybrid thumbscrew.

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