A better stand mount

Over the past few years I've tried all sorts of combinations of adapters and mounts to mount various iPad rigs onto stands. I've finally found the perfect pairing.

No matter if you use the Accsoon PowerCage II, Ulanzi UPad pro, Mule iPad Plate or another setup This combination can work for you.

The two parts are the SmallRig 2903B and the CAMVATE Light Stand Head Adapter

The SmallRig 2903B simply screws into the CAMVATE stand adapter and since they both feature ARRI anti-twist it's very secure. What really makes this great is the built-in tilt and pan of the SmallRig 2903B It's got just the perfect amount of friction for this setup without the need lock/unlock anything. I hate anything that has unwanted movement and with this setup it's not an issue.

One of my favorite aspects of the combination is the size and weight. It's only 115g and a bit more compact than my previous setup seen below. That was an umbrella stand mount and tiny Arca clamp.

When used with something like the Accsoon Powercage II you don't need to add anything extra like a NATO rail/clamp or Arca clamp/plate since the cage features 1/4-20 holes with anti-twist. But if you have other setups you could easily add a quick release system like the Kondor Blue Mini Lock seen below.

The SmallRig 2903B also pairs well with the Accessory Mount Pro to have an iPad right along side your laptop on a plate. It's a great setup for smaller spaces like inside of homes and apartments.

You can always add a pin to the mix to make swapping from a stand to the Accessory Mount even easier.

And that's it. I've really been enjoying this little combo and it's made the overall kit a bit more compact and lighter weight (especially when you multiply it by 4) while adding some versatility and simplicity.