The evolution of things.

Dialing in your workstation is something we have all obsessed over at one point (or never-ending for some). I'm certainly no stranger to this. For me, this constant tinkering leads to new things or a twist on others. Because of this evolution of things I've recently added a few new items to the shop that can add more versatility to your cart workstation or a mafer clamp.

Pro Baby Pin Mount 

This mount evolved from the previous baby pin mounts I made. It can be mounted to either end of Inovativ Voyager and Apollo carts using existing mounting holes. Additionally, it can be mounted on the threaded rail plates making it a versatile option. Regardless of the location it can mount on the inside or outside of the top shelf allowing for greater flexibility of your setup. If mounted on the inside, the cart can still be fully collapsed without removing the pin or mount. 

Off-set Baby Pin Mount

The mount adds versatility to a mafer/super clamp by allowing a vertical baby pin when the mafer is mounted on a vertical position. In the past, this could only be done a long, angled baby pin that wasn't ideal or as secure. There's also 2x 1/4" holes with 1-inch on center spacing that further increases the possibilities of this mount beyond a mafer clamp.

Both of these new mounts are made of A36 steel thats finished in a durable, wrinkle black powder coating and include stainless steel hardware. They are made in the USA and have the option to include a 5/8" anodized aluminum baby pin.