Simple solution for mounting an Ecoflow River/Max.

I got frustrated with options to hang my Ecoflow River Max/Pro on a stand to power a monitor on location. I had used some paracord to hang it from the riser knob or a combination of mafer and Cardellini clamp but those were both clunky and annoying. I even toyed with designing a custom aluminum bracket. However, one day I was strolling through a local home center I found a great solution, this hanger meant for use to hand tools in a garage. It's the perfect fit when paired with the Ecoflow and a mafer/super clamp. I did have to drill out the existing hole in the hanger to use a 1/4-20 screw to mount it.

Initially, I mounted it directly to the 1/4-20 female hole found on a mafer/super clamp. 

But, after the first time on set I realized I didn't want to dedicate a clamp for this and have some flexibility. So then I added a 5/8 hex pin and a bit of loc-tite to the hanger. Not sure where I got this exact one but it was in my box of hardware and did the job. 

I did find a similar hanger with the same dimensions available on Amazon as well. Other than the hanger and hex pin that you probably have laying around, all you need is a 1/4-20 screw and washer and potentially a step bit to drill out the existing hole depending on which hanger you end up with. I'm glad I was able to solve a problem with such a cheap and simple part. Designing a custom part from the ground up isn't always needed sometimes the solution is just waiting there to be assembled. 

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