My new favorite USB-C charger.

In the past, I've written about how Apple's USB-C chargers aren't up to par with other options on the market and how I've found greener pastures in that department. There's been continued attempts to streamline my charging setup in the office, on set and on the road.

Returning to my office after a day on set means charging many power banks, iPads, batteries and various other items that will be needed first thing the next morning while always trying to make improvements in this area. In the past I have been using multiple chargers with different specs, outputs and sizes. 

Because the selection of high wattage multi-output USB-C chargers has been rather lacking I've collected various chargers and even backed a few on Kickstarter in search of a better option. While I could have gone with an option like this 400W 4 port option on Aliexpess, It needs an external power supply which is quite bulky and not great for travel.

Recently, there's been some more options in higher wattage multiport chargers. Well, I finally got a couple of the 4 port 245W chargers from HyperJuice despite them being available for some time. Yes, HyperJuice hasn't had the best track record for somethings. However, I think now that they are part of Targus things should improve. Their previous stumbles were designed prior to the acquisition. 

This charger meets a few of my criteria, USB-C only, detachable C7 cable and at least 2x 100W outputs. It's not much larger than the 140W Apple USB Charger.

I paired each one the chargers with 4 of the these 1ft long 100W PD cables with built in displays to confirm the power delivery. I have mentioned similar cables in the past but they were only available in longer lengths and for a charging station, shorter is better for my needs. They are built well and have decent strain relief. Regardless if you go with the HyperJuice charger these cables are worth grabbing.

Right after the HyperJuice chargers were delivered Satechi announced a 6 port charger which sounded great but I was bummed to learn it's only 200W, which means slower charging when split 6 ways. It's very similar to the UGREEN Nexode 200W 6 port charger I've mentioned before. But the Satechi supports PD 3.1 EPR.

As far as what's on the market this HyperJuice seems to be one of the best bang for the buck in terms of capacity and port offerings. It could take the place of 2 or 3 chargers for many users. For me, I'm leaving one in my office and one in my main kit. Both with a customized C7 split cable to help minimize cable clutter and the awesome LED display cables.

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