Your MagSafe3 cables need this.


Apple's never been one to put strain relief on their cables and the new MagSafe3 cables are no different. The previous generations of MagSafe and lightning cables are known to fail due to the fact they lack proper strain relief. While the new MagSafe3 cables are relatively well made cables as seen in this teardown they could use some strain relief to increase their life span. I've done this in the past with Magsafe1 and 2 which where notorious for failing and never had a problem.

Searching for the best solution for the MagSafe3 led me to the Nite Ize CordCollar. They are available in a muli-color pack or all black. The size of the MagSafe3 end is pushing the limits of the elasticity of these, but a bit of coaxing and it can go on with the help of the included tool for stretching them open. I've been using these for around 8 months now and found they stay put and provide just the right about of support for the cable.

In the past I'd used these and while they did the job, they needed a small cable tie to hold them in place

I've also tried these but found they need to be doubled up to stay in place on some cables. But still worth having around for some uses.

In an effort to help reduce e-waste from broken and damaged cables I see this as a good way to do so. It can also be a bit of insurance to make sure a cable doesn't fail on you on set.