New Kids On The Block: Anker 737 power bank and 757 power station.

Anker has been around for years and gained a reputation for having reliable and high quality cables and chargers and accessories. Recently they have stepped up their game in with their latest offerings. One of which is the new 737 Power Bank and the other being the Anker 757 Portable Power Station.

It comes with a price tag of $150 it offers up to 140W of Power Delivery (PD) by utilizing USB PD 3.1 EPR and as far as I know is the first power bank to offer PD 3.1. It offers ~90WH of capacity so its airline safe. By offering 140W In/Out it can allow for quick charging with the latest generation of MacBook Pros. As well as quick charging for itself.

Previously, Anker didn't have anything substantial offer in the power bank world. (I've covered power banks in the past here.) It's a great step up from previous models to compete in a category that's been lacking much presence from larger companies. I would expect this model become a staple in many kits. 

Anker has had smaller power stations in the past but now they made a substantial offering in the category with their Anker 757 Portable Power Station. This is a direct competitor to EcoFlow's portable power stations that have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Previously, Ecoflow kinda of blew GoalZero out of the water by offering rapid recharging ability and models that offer 100W PD via USB-C. GoalZero still produces great power stations for some applications but the 8hr or more recharge time can limit their function for use in production environments. In addition to quickly charging the Anker 757 offers LiFePO4 batteries that can offer a longer lifespan of 3000 cycles. This is a much longer lifespan of around 500 cycles for the Lithium-ion that you can find in some of the models from EcoFlow and Jackery. It's worth mentioning that the stated lifespan tends to mean that they still offer 80% of their original capacity after that many cycles.

If you're in the market for some new power banks or a portable power station for location work I'd certainly suggest considering these new offerings.

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