Baby Pin Mount for INOVATIV Voyager & Apollo Carts

Faini Made now offers more options for mounting accessories onto INOVATIV Voyager and Apollo carts. Having a 5/8" baby pin mounted vertically on a cart allows for mounting accessories like a Teradeks, iPads, laptop workstations and various other items securely.

There are 2 options for this mount.

SMALL: Utilize the threaded rail plates on the INOVATIV™ Voyager, Apollo carts. They can also be mounted most places that have 1 inch on center spacing of 3/8-16 threaded holes. They include stainless steel mounting hardware. The integrated 3/8" clearance hole on top allows for the mounting of a 5/8" baby pin with female 3/8-16 threads (baby pin not included). The SMALL option mounts with one screw and the integrated indexing pin prevents unwanted movement. This option is more suited for wireless transmitters, iPads and smaller recording monitors and not recommended for laptop workstations.

INSIGHT: This option is most suitable for mounting a laptop workstation as it's location provides a more rigid mount. It utilizes existing holes on the Voyager top shelf that are for mounting of the Insight system from INOVATIV™ and can be mounted on the interior or exterior or the shelf. It is not compatible with the Apollo.

Made of durable and lightweight of PA-12 Nylon.

Included with SMALL= 1x mount, 1x 3/8-16 hex bolt, 1x washer, 1x 3/8-16 socket head flat screw

Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.25" x 1.65"

Weight: ~23g (not including hardware)

Supports up to 12lbs/5.4kg

Included with INSIGHT = 1x mount, 1x 3/8-16 hex bolt, 1x washer, 2x 5/16-18 socket head flat screw, 2x 5/16 washer, 2x 5/16-18 lock nuts

Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.25" x 1.25"

Weight: ~ 28g (not including hardware)

Supports up to 15lbs/6.8kg

Made in the USA

5/8" baby pins with 3/8-16 female threads can be obtained here and here.

* Parts may have variations in their finish as an artifact of the manufacturing process.

** 5/8" baby pin is NOT included.

INOVATIV Is a trademark of INOVATIV Inc. which is not affiliated with FAINI MADE