I've been waiting for this: MagSafe 3 adapters

Since Macbooks added MagSafe 3 in 2021 I've been waiting on the day that a 3rd party company would make a shorter cable so I wouldn't need to deal with managing a 2 meter cable when using a laptop kit on sticks. In the past year, 3rd party options did start to appear and come in different colors like this one but they were all still 2 meters long. Obviously this was not what I was hoping for.

Well now there's an option! USB-C to MagSafe 3 adapters are available in 3 options. These allow you to use the cable of your choice to make a custom length and orientation for your setup.

The three options shown above are:
I went with the horizontal version for my setup. It will allow me to route the cable out of the back of my laptop plate and use a short 1.5ft 240W cable which will be the perfect length. If you're willing to wait a bit longer you can also get them from AliExpress.

It's nice that they are just an extension of the MagSafe 3 connection and have proper pass through of data and power as shown in System Information when connected to the Apple 140W USB-C charger. This should help east the minds the people that fear plugging in anything to there computer that isn't made by Apple (which is always silly)

It will definitely be nice to no longer have to deal with the 2 meter cable in some scenarios. Additionally, as well as add the versatility to always have a MagSafe 3 cable available via this adapter.