Things are changing: Bi-directional USB-PD to D-Tap

Previously, I've written in depth about various USB-C power options for powering your laptop in the field. One of the options included using cinema style V-mount or Gold mount batteries. One of the drawbacks to these options was the added expense and the slow, bulky chargers needed for them. 

Well, now things are changing. Recently, a few options have come to the market that help simplify things. These are bi-directional D-Tap to USB-C adapters. These inexpensive adapters offer bi-directional power to/from D-Tap to/from USB-PD. This means you can charge your V-mount/Gold-mount batteries with your USB-C chargers or power USB-C devices from your batteries!

No longer needing to deal with a bulky and slow 4-bank charger that can cost hundreds of dollars means traveling with V-mount/Gold-mount batteries just got easier and the cost to invest in a battery system has dropped.

So far I've found 3 of these adapters.

KONDOR BLUE D-Tap/P-Tap to USB-C PD 2-Way Charger

The KONDOR BLUE offers 65W USB-PD from a D-Tap source or can charger your battery at 65W from a USB-PD source that supports 65W or more.  The integrated USB-C cable in this one is a great addition that helps simplify things. The do offer it with a female USB-C port if you wanted to use your own cable or a Magsafe 3 cable.

ZITAY USB C to D-Tap PD Fast Charger

The ZITAY adapter offers 60W PD and adds the option to toggle output from 1.8A, 2.7A, 3.5A. It also has a LED charge indicator as well as a built in polarity check light on the D-Tap.

SOONWELL PD100 100W Battery Charger Bi-Directional

The SOONWELL is currently the only option that offers bi-directional 100W PD support. SOONWELL states that it can charge a 99Wh battery in about 1hr 40min. It allows you to use you own USB-C cables. I've also seen this same model with sold under the IndiPro brand.

Pairing any of these with a good multiport USB-C charger should offer you a compact charging solution for your batteries. Additionally, any of these adapters would be a great item to include in your kit. Having the flexibility to charge/power countless USB-C devices from a D-Tap source could really save the day. They could serve as a backup power option if you use a Rencher Industries PowerBlock or NineVolt Powrbloc Megawatt.

USB-C output has started to find it's way into more V-mount/Gold-mount batteries however, the features vary greatly. Some offer USB-C output but not input, some offer only 15W while others like the VB series SmallRig offers 65W. But, if you've already got a case full of batteries I think it's worth grabbing one or more of these adapters as we inch closer to USB-C all the things!

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