QR codes for easy WiFi access.

If you've got a location WiFi kit and want to make it easier for clients to connect, the easiest solution is a often a QR code. Since COVID-19 allowed people to finally understand how to use a QR code they've become ubiquitous. From ordering lunch, to checking in on set, you see them daily now. (I miss real paper menus in restaurants) Anyway, QR codes are relatively simple to make and utilize.

Using this site, It's incredibly simple to enter the SSID and password to create a QR code that will allow a device to automatically connect to a network.  After you've entered the variables the site allows you to download a .PNG file or directly print it so you can affix it to your network case or router.

There is also QRbot app available for iOS and Android that can help you make QR codes as well as a few other features.
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