PSA: Keep a copy of the latest camera firmware ON your computer.

If you are a tech or tech from time to time. Keep a copy of the latest firmware for each body you might encounter from your pool of clients ON your computer. Trying to download it last minute in the field can turn into a massive headache. If you use others' computers to tech keep a flash drive with these files in your personal kit. This one is great, offers both USB-C and USB-A.

Many times a firmware update is the fix for issues. With the M1 Apple Silicon on set now some Canon bodies need firmware updates to tether. This might be true for other bodies. It's rare that a photographer keeps their firmware up to date. I know many that have never updated firmware.

  • Canon Navigate to the camera needed> drivers &downloads> firmware.
  • Nikon Self explanatory.
  • Sony Navigate to camera then firmware is listed.
  • Fujifilm Self explanatory.
  • Panasonic Navigate to camera
  • Olympus Choose camera type, model, download firmware.
  • Leica Choose camera, then firmware.
  • Phase One

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